Where to begin

Many of us live with a higher carbon footprint than the planet can support, but we’re all different when it comes to carbon. If you’ve decided to reduce your carbon footprint, where do… Continue reading

The journey is more than half the fun

Hi! And thanks for stopping by. We hope you’ll like what you see and want to join in. Let’s start with the big stuff shall we. What is Carbon Collaborations? It’s a place… Continue reading

A change is as good as a rest.

New Year – a time for new beginnings, resolutions and promising ourselves that this year we will become better in our own chosen way. We resolve to make changes – sometimes they stick;… Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is a plank of wood!

Christmas – a time for giving, sharing and celebrating, and often a time of just getting more stuff. Last year, feeling uncomfortable about the “stuff we don’t need” elements, we tried out a more… Continue reading

Through play, we adapt.

Our low carbon living games got their first outing at Tooting’s annual Foodival. We whittled our ideas down from ten to four and the race was on to get them ready in time.… Continue reading

Can low carbon living be a game?

We’ve wanted to design a game for a while and over the last few weeks, we’ve held some sessions to come up with ideas and figure out what we want to achieve.  We thought… Continue reading